How to book the Orchestra

You have questions about possible programs, budgets and availability of the orchestra? You plan a Beethoven, Brahms
or Sibelius-cycle? You plan an opera- or another special-project? Or you just wish to make the POE “your” Orchestra in Residence?

To discuss your project in more detail and to get a quote, please contact Florian Koltun, Sales & Marketing Manager, 
on +49 (0)30-700 159 661 or email him (using the `Book the POE` address).

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No matter what your specific requirements are, you can rely on the top-class POE to make sure your project is as successful as possible. Inform also your partners about your ideas to communicate programmes you possibly would like to share – and add a musical highlight to your upcoming season:


Build by young, highly talented orchestral musicians with international experience as chamber music player, between the ages of 25 and 45, the basis of the POE
is formed by a permanent string section of 50 players as core ensemble led by permanent principals.

The string section is augmented, according to requirements of the score, with
a permanent wind section of 22 players, plus timpanist and percussionists. Schematically arranged: / / + timpani/perc.
(75 musicians)

Depending on the repertoire:

To perform the (late)-romantic repertoire – the so-called “Mahler” variant, which requires 80 or more players (+choir and soloists) – the orchestra extends forces with a selected group of extra-players.
Schematically arranged: / / + timpani/perc 3.
(95 musicians)

The classical orchestra – the so-called “Beethoven” variant, necessary to perform the symphonies by the first Viennese School, requires 47 or more players. Schematically arranged: / / + timpani (47 musicians)


The orchestra operates also with smaller variable organic arrangements from string orchestra “String-Soloists of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Europe” to the windensemble-formation “Wind-Soloists of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Europe”. Schematically arranged:  (17 musicians / “String-Soloists”) / + 1 Double Bass (10 musicians / “Wind-Soloists”)

POE Firebird programme.

In addition to its concert and touring schedule, the POE is available to hire for commercial recordings, film soundtracks, jingles and computer games for a wide variety of clients – film companies, classical composers, pop producers, computer game developers, jingle writers and library music. The POE can help with all your needs, including finding a suitable studio, conductor and chorus.

The POE can provide any number of players from full orchestras to chamber ensembles and top specialist players for non-orchestral instruments if required.
To discuss your project in more detail and to get a quote, contact Florian Koltun, Sales & Marketing Manager, on +49 (0)30-700 159 661 or email him (using the `Book the POE` address).